Better government under the unifying power of Divine Love

“No power can withstand divine Love.” Could that possibly be true? Maryl Walters, a practitioner of Christian Science healing, finds this idea courageous and bold, as well as deeply comforting. ‘This statement, written by the Discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, gives me hope for finding solutions to all kinds of problems,’ says Mrs. Walters.

‘To me, divine Love is God,’ says Mrs. Walters in her lecture. ‘If we think of things that make the world better - peace treaties, economic revitalization, higher employment, stable families, food distribution, civic respect and responsibility - the basic ingredient that makes these efforts helpful to humanity is love, our expression of divine Love. Love, moving each of us for good and bringing practical healing perspectives, is central to something as big as regional peace or as small as feeding a child.’

Lectures sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, London aim to:

  • Find spiritual solutions to human problems – whether health, environmental, conflict based etc – that are practical and effective.
  • Explore contemporary issues from a spiritual perspective – in an alternative, thought provoking and hopefully inspiring way.

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